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“Marine Mammals – A Deep Dive into the World of Science”

Dear all,

I’d like to present the new Open Access textbook “Marine Mammals – A Deep Dive into the World of Science”. The book is an introduction to marine mammal biology and medicine, presents career pathways of marine scientists illustrated by exciting case studies and discusses human-derived threats to oceans and animals.

The book derived from a project to increase young people’s interest in natural science and to prevent shortage of specialists in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). One effort was to provide learning materials for school teachers and students, which were developed by an international team of experts consisting of marine scientists, educational researchers and teachers. The book contains a collection of materials which introduce scientific topics from current research questions as well as different research methods to students.

Table of contents (6 chapters)

  • Who Are the Marine Mammals? Krishna Das, Helen Sköld, Anna Lorenz, Eric Parmentier
  • Marine Mammal Acoustics Anja Reckendorf, Lars Seidelin, Magnus Wahlberg
  • Whaling, Seal Hunting and the Effect of Fisheries on Marine Mammals Mikołaj Koss, Martin Stjernstedt, Iwona Pawliczka, Anja Reckendorf, Ursula Siebert
  • Plastic Debris and Its Impacts on Marine Mammals Katrin Kruse, Katrin Knickmeier, Dennis Brennecke, Bianca Unger, Ursula Siebert
  • Chemical Pollution and Diseases of Marine Mammals Anja Reckendorf, Ursula Siebert, Eric Parmentier, Krishna Das
  • How to Become a Marine Mammal Scientist Katrin Knickmeier, Anja Reckendorf, Dennis Brennecke

Enjoy the book and please share it widely!