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The condition of the Mediterranean tortoise rescued in Anapa remains serious

A huge Mediterranean tortoise or loggerhead turtle washed ashore in Anapa was examined in the city hospital on a CT scanner, its condition remains serious, the press service of the resort’s mayor’s office reports.

A turtle measuring 110 centimeters and weighing about 100 kilograms was found on the beach near the Anapa village of Dzhemete. According to experts, this is a loggerhead turtle, or carriage, listed in the Red Book, it is not found in the Black Sea. The reptile, most likely, was brought into the Black Sea from the Mediterranean by a storm current. According to the experts from the Utrish Reserve, who examined her, the animal is in serious condition, with signs of hypothermia and exhaustion, she was transferred to the Nikolsky Red Book turtle rehabilitation center in the village of Supsekh. There she was placed for heating in the pool.

Authorities in Anapa reported that the turtle had become a patient in the city hospital.

“Tortila’s condition still remains serious. Additional studies are needed to make a diagnosis. The doctors treated the unusual patient with great attention and care. At first they tried to take an x-ray, but the shell turned out to be so dense that it was impossible to interpret the results. Then the doctors turned to more modern equipment and performed a CT scan on the patient,” the statement said.
It is noted that the results of CT were sent to the Moscow Center for Oceanography and Marine Biology “Moskvarium”, its experts should give their opinion on the health of the reptile.